Why am I such a big fan of online casinos?

It started when I was 18. One of my buddy’s, Joseph, who introduced me to motorsport, took me to the casino at my birthday. We liked it and obviously we played mostly slots with a motor related theme. So we started going more often, like once a month. Sometimes we would race each other and whoever won, had to pay the drinks for the evening. We never went above our budget though. Ever since Joseph passed away, I never set foot in a casino again. It was just too painful for me. But then I saw an ad online for casinos. It just so happened that the ad contained an image of one of the games we used to play. I took it as a sign and signed up. Soon after I learned that playing online can be fun as well, even without my buddy Joseph. Although I always think of him when playing.

A nice moment to relax

Just like everybody else I also feel the pressure of today’s society. The need to keep my phone on all day long and reply to work and personal emails sometimes also gets the better of me. Sometimes I feel like I understand all these poor people who went into a burn-out state. At these moments I just want to disappear from the world for a bit. Slot machines help me with that. They let me enter a completely different world, even if it’s just a fantasy and just for a little while. It really relaxes me. Also because you don’t really have to think about anything when you are playing slots. The games are easy to understand and made for your pleasure. So you could say they are my little private spa.

Monetary rewards

Now I won’t lie and say that I’m not in it for the money. Because that is another reason why I am drawn to online slots. The possibility to win huge prizes. Just the other day I won €300 in Wolf Gold on my second spin. My biggest win happened on the Mega Fortune jackpot slot by NetEnt. Once I managed to hit the jackpot and even though it was a little one, I still took home nearly 700K. This prize actually bought me my home. But I have won some pretty nice prizes on slots like Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest as well.

NetEnt fan

As you probably understood already, I am a huge NetEnt fan. I basically play only slots by this provider because for me, it’s the best in the industry. It didn’t start out that way though. I started out by playing slots by Amatic, since these were the games that I used to play with Joseph in the land based casino. This all changed the first time I received free spins. These were for NetEnt’s Twin $pin and after playing all the free rounds, I got curious about other NetEnt games. And so my love for NetEnt began.

Tips for playing

People often say that if you want to win a lot, you need to play with the highest possible stake. Even though that is statistically correct, I don’t necessarily agree. Not only because I won a lot of prizes on low bets, but also because I know that all the games have a RNG. So standard statistics don’t or should apply. But if you want to go with statistics, by all means, give it a go. Because nobody can deny that 5 x 10 generates a bigger win than 5 x 2.