Race With Me, Luigi

My name is Luigi Abramo and I am probably the biggest racing fan in all of England. Let me explain myself a little bit. I was born in Italy, that beautiful wonderful land, and moved to this incredible country when I was 18 to make a name for myself. There are two things I love, you see: racing and programming.

So working in my flat for 12 hours a day, for six straight years, I created an online casino. Why? Seems people in England love their online gaming…so I went ahead and started my own. In 10 years, it had become so popular, that I could sell it to LeoVegas for quite a bit of money. How much? Well, let’s just say I have plenty of time to work on my blog posts…

Since then, I’ve been concentrating on collecting as many cars and motorcycles as possible and going to racing events nearly every month. Me, I don’t race, but I do ride my beauties around, showing them off, and falling in love with their power and their glory…

My blog is basically a way for me to talk about my favorite passions and to meet people like me who love racing. I am also willing to give tips and advice to up-and-coming online casino designers. If I can do it, so can you.

And when you do, you, like me, will have all the time in the world to have fun with their favorite hobby. I seriously want to help people achieve this wonderful state because my father, Marco Abramo, always said that helping people succeed is the truest sign of a successful and great man.

So come with me and experience the joys of racing with Luigi…I look forward to hearing from racing and online casino fans alike and know that you’ll have plenty of wonderful things to say and may even be able to offer me some great advice.