Oanda Currency Organizes Vintage Motorcycle Racing

There is no need to explain to you why I love the thrill of motorcycles. I recently went to the 37th Carole Nash Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show, which was an amazing day. Together with my friend Francesco, who is also Italian, we took a long drive to Bristol. Bristol is one of my favorite cities in England because of its many good motorcycle shops and stores. During a motorcycle event, Francesco and I are always making sure that we arrive the day before. In that case, we can have some extra spare time to wander down the city and take a look at new hotspots. This is what we did during the 37th Carole Nash Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show as well. We ended up in a biking themed restaurant, which was awesome. I had a big steak and Francesco had chosen the barbecue ribs. Somehow, grilled meat really reminds me of motorcycles. Strange, isn’t it?

During this show the next day, the organizer of the event made a big announcement, which really excited me. Motorcycle Nash, the organization behind many motorcycle shows claimed that they had partnered up with Oanda Currency and will organize an exclusive vintage motorcycle racing event next year. I’ve already heard before that Oanda Currency will expand their business by focusing more on donations and organization activities. It’s good for their business, I suppose they are doing a great job. The funny thing is, vintage motorcycles are a big passion of mine and over the years i’ve collected many vintage pieces which are stored in my garage. I honestly have to admit, i’ve never joined a vintage motorcycle racing before. Everytime I buy a ticket for a vintage event, something happens which ends up me selling the ticket. Well not this time, because I really feel the urge to go!

The Vintage Motorcycle Racing will take place in London, which is very cool. I just can’t believe a company such as Oanda Currency will organize an event like this, it somehow doesn’t make sense to me. However, i’m so glad they did. Without them, this event would never take place and that would be such a pity for motorcycle lovers like me. I’ve already paid a visit on their official website, but they haven’t published any more details yet.
Francesco and I already planned out a trip. We would like to travel through England together in order to join as many motorcycle events as possible. We will first start in Manchester and will finally end up in London, sounds like a great route!

I would like to use my Honda CB77 for this trip and Francesco has chosen for his Honda CB750. It’s a coincidence that we both picked out our Honda’s, but i’m sure that it will impress others during the vintage event. The only thing that I need to do now is to fix some small parts, but thankfully there is still plenty of time. Francesco’s motorcycle is already good to go, so maybe he can help me out.