My Favorite Casino Games

Talking about designing games the other day got me all riled up to talk about my favorite casino games. I wouldn’t say I’m a big time gambler…but I do like to hit casino online casumo casino  from time to time. While I do online gaming at least once a week, I prefer in-person casinos because they’re more impressive. That doesn’t mean that online gaming isn’t worth it (as I said, I still go to a site at least once a week, sometimes more), but I like hearing the cards slapping the tables and feeling them in my hands.

So what are my favorite casino games to play at safest online casinos? Well, first of all, I love poker almost as much as I love racing. Yes, there is a huge element of randomness and luck in the game I don’t like. But the ability to bet, raise bets, fold, and bluff make it a hard game to beat.

Typically, I try to avoid games that are hard to win or which require pure luck, but Roulette…there’s just something about it. Maybe I’ve seen too many James Bond movies, but there’s something exciting about waiting for the ball to land and praying it pays off…don’t spend too much timeat the table, but I always make a stop.

Blackjack…now that’s a game for a mind that can keep track of cards and manage luck and percentages. The game is pretty stacked to the dealer…but if you know when to hold em and when to fold em (wait, that’s poker…) then you can have a lot of fun with this game.

Craps certainly doesn’t deserve such a crappy name…it’s another fun one. For me, the fun of casino games is the excitement of waiting for luck to strike. And there are fewer games with moments more exciting than craps, especially when you see a big beautiful “seven” laying there for you. In Asia cards games are one of the most popular games. Poker and craps especially popular in Thailand. Playing cards online means เล่นไพ่ออนไลน์ in Thai!

What casino games do you like? Are you a slot machine maniac or do you like to hit the more complex games? Let me know!