Here at Twin City Custom Cycles, we like to keep up to date with all things relating to motorbikes. We love building custom bike designs, but we also like to look at current trends, and interesting news snippets relating to our industry.

One thing last week that caught our attention was a huge online casino slot win at Casumo Casino. This caught our attention because the casino slot game that gave up the huge jackpot prize was the Harley Davidson Cycles slot machine!

In this article, we look at what this online slot has to offer, delve a little into Casumo casino, and see how much the lucky player walked away with!

Harley Davidson Cycles Casino Slot Game

The Harley Davidson Cycles slot game is a brilliant title. It appeals to us as it features some amazing graphics about this popular brand of bike. You can see some iconic Harley models.

In addition to this, it shows loads of graphics relating to the open road, and the freedom that motorcycles offer. This is something that also appeals to us greatly – here at Twin City Custom Cycles we regularly take our own bikes out on the road and take weekend trips to different locations in the UK.

The game also has some cool features. For example, it has a wild symbol and a scatter symbol. The wild symbol replaces any symbol in a winning combination – this gives you a much higher chance of winning. The scatter symbol is also interesting – this can appear on any reel and you don’t have to get subsequent symbols to win.

As far as we can see, there isn’t a bonus round, but the game has what’s called a progressive jackpot. This means that the main jackpot prize is pooled from various casinos – this is why the lucky player won such aa huge amount!

One lucky Gambler walked way with £125,134!

On Casumo’s website, you can see a small article about the unnamed player that won a staggering £125,134! There have also been some local news articles that we read too. They essentially cleared out the progressive jackpot that had been building up for some time.

We would like to congratulate them on their superb win and hope they spend the money wisely! It goes to show that big wins like that are possible on slot games – you just have to have luck on your side. The win is much more poignant because it was achieved on the amazing Harley Davidson slot game too!

Casino online Casumo continues to grace players with big wins

After hearing about the amazing win this lucky player had, we decided to check out Casumo Casino for ourselves. We wanted a piece of that action!

The platform appears to be well-equipped for UK players and there is an amazing selection of casino games. Aside from the Harley Davidson Cycles slot, there is hundreds of other slot games to choose from.

We looked for other motorbike themed casino games and slots and there is a few like Highway to Hell, Superbikes Slot, Reel Thunder Slot, Motor Gear Slot, and Bikers Gang Slot. We had some fun trying out these casino games but the Harley Davidson Cycles slot game was definitely the best one available.

Unfortunately, we didn’t win the huge jackpot like the above-mentioned lucky player. We did break even and win our money back – but the most important thing was that we had fun and got to test out this motorbike-themed game at the fantastic Casino online Casumo.