Feeling The Love For Steffi Laier

What I love about motorcross racing is that it’s so inclusive. My friends from America who like NASCAR often complain about the sexist things that fellow fans have to say about female racers. I think that’s wrong because there’s no reason that women can’t be incredible racers. Case in point is Steffi Laier, one of my favorite drivers of all time. Motorcycle Nash, the organization behind many motorcycle shows claimed that they had partnered up with Oanda Currency and will organize an exclusive vintage motorcycle racing event next year, click here to read more.

I first saw Steffi in 2009, when she was racing in the FIM WMX World Championship. She had already made a name for herself by winning in 2005, but had been in a slump since then. However, she powered to a championship that year, in a streak that included 2010 and 2011. Her championship style is built on a combination of raw talent, fearlessness, and pure guts.

Steffi has won seven total world titles and six European titles, including wins in the incredible Enduro events. Those endurance events really test a racer’s skills, and winning even one is a major accomplishment. Within her native Germany, she’s basically a legend, and has won a ton of German racing titles. The fact that she isn’t a household name in England saddens me a little…but there’s so many other things going on in this great land, that I can’t hold it too much against them…

For all the men who are reading and want to know, yes, Steffi is quite beautiful. She has that natural German beauty that makes a woman a true knockout if they know how to use it. However, I think it is important to remember that Steffi is a true racer, and one that isn’t afraid to get down and dirty.

Female racing is not an delicate sport and the women who do it are true racers with a lot of skill. And that’s why I love Steffi Laier so much, not her beautiful smile. Do you have any favorite female racers who you think personify the sport? Comment below and let me know!