Don’t Forget Graphics In Your Online Casino!

I’m going to go a slightly different route today and talk about online casinos. Honestly, I could talk your ear off about both racing and online casinos for days, so it’s time I stretched my knowledge and discussed some of the most important parts of gaming design. For me, I’ve found, that graphics and great animations are probably the most important part of an online casino and online games. If you are interested in hearing more about graphics and great animations then you should read my leovegas review where I talk about that in much greater detail.

Let me tell my story a bit more to get you an idea…When I first started, I was doing the graphics myself and, as a graphic designer, I’m basically serviceable. I can do some simple graphics, but nothing fantastic. As a result, the first six months to a year with my casino websites casino slot machines and no deposit bonus were a real struggle. I could barely pay my domain fees, let alone make any money to support myself. I was working a side job selling cars just to make ends meet…

The grapes of my dream were withering on the vine and I couldn’t take it…so I decided to take a look at some of the most successful casinos online and see what separated them from me. We had the same games, the same approach, offered multiple conversion rates, and were nearly identical except for one thing…the graphics. Theirs were incredible: mine were bland.

So I took out a loan and hired a graphic designer to create fun and engaging graphics and animation for my site. Once they were uploaded, I was shocked by my traffic numbers…they jumped almost four hundred percent in a single month. Soon I was actually making money and could pay off my loan in just three months.

You see, graphics and animations are necessary for entertaining your guests. They like seeing the flashing colors and beautiful designs because it reminds them of being in a real casino. So learn from my mistake and start by making great graphics for your casino from the very beginning!