Can’t Wait For The New Bonneville

Power and perfect control: these are the things I love about great bikes. I’ve been checking up on the latest Street Twin from Bonneville, the 2017 model, and all I can say is that I can’t wait. This baby, from early release specs, is going to have a 900cc high torque engine. That kind of power makes this a bike that I can’t wait to add to my collection.

From what I’ve been able to glean from my sources, it’ll come out in red, silver, and black models and will cost just a shade under 7,000 pounds. For me, that’s more than affordable, especially if I plan on trading in my last Street Twin for it. I love my last Street Twin (2014, FYI), but an upgrade to it has been a long time coming.

Is this the kind of bike that I’d right around or show off around London? A bit of both, my friends. I mean, I don’t buy great bikes ONLY to show them off, but they turn heads, they turn heads…also, weekend riding is more fun when you can actually relax on while driving. My earliest experience riding low-quality bikes was quite telling…maybe I’ll talk about that in another blog down the road.

Friends, have you ever known me to steer you wrong or give you bad advice? Yes, I know, we barely know each other, but I am telling you, the new Street Twin is going to be worth the wait. Been thinking, lately, about how much fun it would be to go pro as a full-time racer…sure, I have no experience in that, but you know…dreams are lovely.

Oh, my friends, we can only dream, we can only dream…but if I get this Street Twin, maybe it could be a reality? Wind in the hair, neck and neck races, big money, beautiful women…the dream of any bike owner. We’ll see, we’ll see…