Becoming A Motorsport Manager Champion!

Not all of us can become major motorsport racing champions…and while I’d love to build my own team one day, right now I’m just enjoying not working for awhile. I’m too young to completely give up any kind of activity, but I worked so hard for so long that this little retirement is very, very nice…

Anyway, beyond investing millions of dollars in a motorcross team, the best I can do is “Motorsport Manager.” What is this? It’s a computer game simulation that let’s you take control of your own motorcross team, including hiring drivers, building cars, and even racing along the tracks of the top motorcross raceways in the world.

I know, I know…this kind of game doesn’t seem like it fits my personality. It might seem a little too “nerdy” for good old Luigi, but…there is something nerdy about any kind of sport. Especially when it comes to one you love. It actually pulls me into the game and makes me even more excited to watch my favorite events in real life.

And it’s not like I play the game for more than a few hours every day…for me, it’s something that I do when I wake up (tweaking a few things on the roster), around noon, when I’ve gotten some work done (simulating some races), and just before bed, as a way to clear my mind (setting up the next day’s events).

The excitement of watching racers win is even higher in “Motorsport Manager” than it is in the real world, because they are YOUR racer and they are making YOU money (even if it’s only digital currency). I think it has helped me better understand the way that teams operate, including trading racers and all of that.

Do any of you play this game or have interest in learning more about it? Please comment below! I’ll answer any questions you might have…