A Look At The 1983 Honda CR480R

We all have our favorite bikes, no matter how quirky or strange they might be. Some might say that the 2016 Yamaha is the best on the market, simply because it’s powerful and so new. Me, though, I have a real soft spot for the 1983 Honda CR480R. What is this bike and why do I like it so much?

Well, the 1983 Honda 480 (I’m not typing CR480R constantly here!) was a bit one-of-a-kind. It existed in a brief period when bikes were transitioning to a different, less powerful, approach to the Open-class two-stroke. Bikes were getting more and more powerful, to the point where they were almost impossible to control. As a result, designers had to cut down the power, leading to many complaints and the end of Honda’s Open-class.

However, the 1983 Honda 480 came out just before that switch, meaning it is one of the most powerful two-strokes to come out of Japan. It could dominate just about all of its competition and it looked great to boot.

Even better, it had the kind of reliability that collectors love. I’ve heard of people ditching their 1983 Honda 480 just before it flips and takes a nasty spin through the dirt. The biker, beyond a few bruises, was able to pick up the bike and get back on without any trouble from the bike.

Sadly, Honda dropped this approach after this model, and the Open-class slowly, but surely, became irrelevant. They don’t even make them any more! What if Honda had stuck to the philosophies that drove the 1983 Honda 480?

I personally think this class of bike woul still be around. And you know what? I think I would work as hard as I could to own them all. There’s just something about this particular model that I love oh so much.

But I’m no expert…just a huge fan. I could be totally wrong on this. What do you think? Please let me know! I love hearing from you all.